Iaido is the way of the sword, a way to oneself and being aware of oneself and one's surounding. It is based on the traditional sword fighting of Japanese samurai. In the Kensekai Köln (Cologne) we train and teach "Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido".

Kenseikai 剣聖会- means "Sword-Saint Society" and is the name of several Budo-Dojos in Japan, the UK, Ireland und Germany. The first Kensekai Dojo in Europe was founded in the UK by Okimitsu Fujii more than 30 Jahren ago.


Training is taking place every Monday 20.00 to 22.00 o'clock at the Schillergymnasium/ Elisabeth v. Thüringen-Gymnasium, Palanterstr. (near University) and is part of the Campussport offering of the University of Cologne.

All who would like to try out training are welcome. More information on how to start can befound on our page for beginners.


Björn Fehr RENSHI, Godon (5th DAN) Shihan-Dai is the teacher and founder of Kensekai Köln. Björn started budo training being 7 years old with Judo. He also trained Aikido and started Iaido training at age 17. Iaido has been his primary discipline since.

Our dojo was founded by Björn in 2013, having recieved permission from Fujii Sensei to use name and mon of Kensekai in Germany. Kensekai Köln is registered as an official dojo with the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (www.dnbk.org) and as such is dedicated to the high standards of one of the oldest martial arts organisations of Japan.



Training: Monday, 20.00 bis 22.00 Uhr and Wednesday, 19.30 bis 21.30 Uhr at the Aikido Centrum Köln, Neusser Straße 478, 50733 Köln.

Public transport: Stop Neusser Straße/Gürtel (Exit Bezirksrathaus). Walk Neusser Straße - approx. 130 Meter - out of the city to no. 478 (right side) Walk through the gate into the courtyard. The dojo is at the end.